Sunday, October 2, 2011

Win a Baby.

No, seriously.  The Ottawa radio station Hot 89.9 recently hosted a competition to win a baby  (Competition now closed, sorry).  Of course, they weren't just going to hand over a fresh newborn human child because that would be weird and I'm pretty sure against the law.

Maybe not the best way to promote the competition...

Despite the promo graphics, the prize on offer was actually $35,000 worth of fertility treatments (or 3 rounds of treatment).  For one lucky couple, or I suppose, single woman, such a prize could very well result in a 'free' baby.

Naturally, there were camps of people on both sides of the fence with this one.  For an example of the difference in opinions, check out this article on  Not surprisingly, a good number of those against the competition were spouting the old chestnut that people with fertility issues often hear:  'just adopt'.

Sigh.  Really?  Do we have to go over this again?  Do not get me wrong - I think adoption is fantastic.  I think it's one of the greatest things someone could do for a child.  However, what people who offer that up as a solution need to understand is this:  adoption is not an easy process.  It can take as much money, time and heartache to adopt a child as it can to go through fertility treatments.  Despite the many children out there that do need loving homes and families, they are human beings and one can't just stop by the 'Baby Shop' and pick one up.  There are regulations, there are laws and there are processes that must be adhered too.  So, before anyone suggests adoption to a friend, family member or stranger - KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT FIRST.  (sorry for the yelling)

Of course people are entitled to their opinions and I for one have no problem discussing the issues.  However, it should be kept in mind that the choice to have (or not have) children is intensely personal.  So, too, are the choices regarding how people go about becoming parents.  All I ask is that people do a little more thinking before speaking (or posting, commenting, etc)

Anyway, back to the competition.  I think it was an awesome thing for Hot 89.9 to do, although I am a little unsure of how I feel about the way it was promoted.  I do also wish that they had played more of an angle of promoting awareness of infertility and a push at the government to provide more funding for treatments.  Of course, not living in Ottawa or being a listener of that particular station, I can't say for certain that they didn't throw a little of that in there.  If anyone knows, please let me know in the comments.

According to the station website, they'll be announcing the top 5 finalists tomorrow morning (Monday October 3rd) and listeners will be able to vote for their favourite.  Good luck to all those prospective parents!  If any of the radio stations in B.C. ever feel like giving away the same opportunity (hint, hint), I'd definitely be throwing my hat in the ring.

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