Friday, October 7, 2011

Other people's children...

When I was a kid and I, or one of my siblings, did something that could be considered uncouth, my mother would a) tell us to knock it off and b) ask if we were born in a barn.  Of course, the smart ass in me always figured she should know the answer to that question.

At any rate, the phrase became lodged in my brain and I'm sure that one day I'll be whipping out that gem on my own children.  For now though, I'll settle for directing it at other people.  Case in point - at work last night there was a mother/daughter duo roaming the aisles and when they lost sight of each other they would yell across the store.  The square footage of the store is quite substantial but not so large that you couldn't locate someone within a minute or two by simply (and quietly) walking around.

What the hell, people?  I, and I'm sure the other customers, didn't really feel like listening to these two braying loudly like animals.  My mum's line immediately came to mind and I would have liked to ask both of them (particularly the mother) if they had been born in the out-building of an agricultural property.

Perhaps one day, when I feel like getting fired or quitting, I won't bother to censor myself.  Or I'll hand out cards with this printed on them:

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Lis said...

hahaha thats so cool!