Saturday, June 5, 2010

Culling my 'friends' list...

At some point, hopefully in the near future, I will be moving to Vancouver. To prepare for this I started piling up all of the things I don't want or need anymore with a view to donating them or just throwing them out. Lately, I've also been making small changes in my lifestyle to a) boost my self esteem and b) get me healthier. This means less junk food and less sitting on my ass.

Maybe this has gotten me on a purging roll of some sort but I don't feel like it's going to stop with household goods and potato chips. I've been looking at my friends list on that book of faces recently and the cursor has been hovering over 'delete' on more than one of them. For those of you with hundreds of 'friends' on your lists, this might not sound like a big deal but I've only got 40. There are some friends of friends that can go and I don't really have any qualms about that. It's the ones that are in a closer circle to me that are causing me the issue. As I'm writing this I'm thinking 'This is stupid. Just delete them!' and I probably should. I mean, before I even had a profile on the site, I didn't have daily contact with these people and that never bothered me. Why all of sudden because I can see what game they're playing or what they're having for dinner tonight, do I feel like I should care? Geez, I think I've just made up my own mind - thanks for letting me ramble. The delete button and I are going to get up close and personal tonight.

In a similar but more complicated vein, I also have a friend in real life (remember that? REAL life?) whom I'm no longer as close to as I once was. Obviously, this happens to everyone as we grow up, move away, start families, etc. Lately though, even the occasional bit of contact I have with this friend is proving stressful and more than I really want to deal with. I don't wish her any ill will. I just have enough on my mind and going on in my life that I need to deal with and to be honest, the times I do hear from her just bring me down. There isn't any 'delete' button for this situation. I'm not really sure how to go about it. I've tried to extricate myself from the relationship by not initiating contact but that doesn't seem to have worked and really, it doesn't seem very fair. I should let her know. What can I say? If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

I've got the apartment to myself tonight and there aren't any good movies on anyway, so I guess I'll sit down and try to write out what I want to say and then edit it to what I should say. I'll let you know how I go.

Being an adult blows. Can't I be six again?