Monday, April 16, 2012

From little things, big things grow...

Last time I posted, it was nearly the new year. Now, we’re well and truly into 2012 – over a quarter of the way! Not really ‘new’ anymore, is it?

Since that last post I’ve probably drafted about 3 or 4 others, and made numerous notes, both mental and written. I wasn’t satisfied with any of it though, and so poor Blog has been neglected. I feel the need to get the ball rolling again so I’m going to try not to over think this and just write (which means this post will probably have more grammatical errors than a Stephanie Meyer novel.  Burn.) 

 Various things have happened in the time that I’ve been blog-absent. I changed jobs again – short term government contract, not very interesting but well paid. The seasons changed – sort of. Given the weather the past few days, I guess we can call it spring now in Vancouver but that could change again by the time I finish this.  

 The biggest, scariest, most awesome change, however, is what’s currently going on in my uterus. (‘Oh, geez – she’s not going to crap on about her lady bits again, is she?’ I hear you groan). Sorry, folks, but I TOTALLY AM. Because it’s good news. Really, really, fan-freaking-tastic news. In case you haven’t guessed by now – I’m growing a wee human! 

 To be fair, this actually happened before my last post, so it isn’t really a change (other than the constant development that’s occurring) – I just didn’t mention it before. Mostly, I kept it under my lid because of fear. I was terrified of another miscarriage, even though the experience was completely different right from the get go. I imagine any woman feels some of that fear, especially so if she’s already experienced it before. For quite a while, until quite recently, I felt a little bit like I was holding my breath. The fear hasn’t left completely, but I am able to breathe a little easier now that we’ve had the anatomy scan and now that I can feel The Kid move on a daily basis.  

 As of today, I am almost 24 weeks, due roughly the first week or so of August. My OB and I have differing ideas of when my due date actually is but I guess we’ll see who’s right soon! I haven’t been to see him since my scan, so maybe he’ll have changed his tune when I meet with him on Friday.  

 This blog maybe become a little baby-centric for a while and I hope that won’t scare any of you off but I totally get it if it does. I will still be ranting though – if anything, my fluctuating hormones have left me with far less tolerance for my fellow humans. Especially those on public transport. (And yes, I still hate giant strollers on buses).