Sunday, January 23, 2011

By The Skin of My Teeth...

...a new blog post - the second one of the week! Are you impressed? I am.

Admittedly, I'm just going to phone this one in but it's a start to the whole 'blog more' goal. I have a few posts written in my head - I just need to learn to type them up before they evaporate.

As for my other goals, a few are coming along nicely. Quitting caffeine is a success so far. I haven't had any in almost a week (since I decided to quit) with no slip ups. The withdrawal headaches were a bit of a bitch but after 4 days they came to an end. There were a few moments when I'm sure The Boy wanted to shove me out of a moving vehicle but hopefully those have become less frequent. I still need the ritual of a warm drink in the morning so I've stocked up on my favourite caffeine-free herbal teas (but no licorice spice - 'tastes like burning!'). I also procured myself some caffeine-free Mug Rootbeer. Sure, it's loaded with sugar and empty calories but give me a break, people! I'm not having any caffeine!!!

Today I also got stuck into some of the furniture rearranging that I was so excited about. The bedroom has been turned around and my craft space has a much better view. To me it seems bigger and brighter but we'll have to see what The Boy thinks when he returns from his weekend of drinking and dungeoning.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of moving the furniture has left me with a mountain of books, supplies, and artwork that needs to be organized. I have a game plan for all of that and hopefully will be able to have most of it squared away tomorrow. This whole 'getting organized' idea of mine is turning into some hard work. Probably should have thought that one through a little better.

Got any hot organizational tips for me? I need all the help I can get.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I never promised you a rose garden...

...or a frequently updated blog. I realize it's a little late to be saying this but - Happy New Year!

Now that that is out of the way, let's continue.

Indeed, it is 2011. Almost 3 weeks in and I finally get around to a new post. I haven't made any resolutions this year but I do have some goals. I suppose to that list I should add 'Try to procrastinate less'. We'll see how that goes.

As for my other goals, first and foremost is to put the 'Happy' back into The Happy Ranter. In case no one noticed, I was rather depressed for a few months. I'm pleased to say that I survived the holidays, as planned, and have turned the corner to a much brighter, lighter mental state. That's not to say I won't still have many things to rant about - I said I was better, not that I like people any more than I did before.

It's getting on in the evening so I'm not going to elaborate on all of my goals right now, but here is a taste:

  • Getting rid of junk and rearranging furniture. Fun and more fun!
  • Fitness! Includes a long distance work out partner and participating in the National X-Weighted Challenge
  • Quitting caffeine! (I should probably apologize in advance to The Boy)
  • Becoming an organized person! As in, 'uses a day-planner daily' organized (which would give me an excuse to buy this!)
  • Regular blog updates!
  • Regular blog updates 2.0! I plan to revive my other blog, Pro-craft-inate. It hasn't been touched since September 19, 2009. Schnikeys! Exciting new projects will be discussed!
  • Increased happiness! Currently reading The Happiness Project. Will it help? Let's find out!
  • New blog layout! Maybe. If I can figure it out. Are you blogger savvy? If so, I have questions. So many questions!
  • The Sketchbook Project! One down, perhaps the Fiction Project next?
As you can see, there is a lot to talk about. Will it shock you all if I start posting every week? What about a couple of times each week? Wouldn't that be crazy?

Game on.