Friday, March 27, 2009

Parents, take note...

I came across an online video the other day that really pissed me off. Unfortunately, it was posted by a friend of mine. In the video her youngest daughter is bopping her head away to some tunes on her headphones and singing along. Cute, right? Yeah, I thought so too until I realized she was singing along to Britney Spears' 'Womanizer'. WTF? She's five!!!

I realize that she doesn't understand the lyrics but that doesn't make it less infuriating that a mother would willing give her small child a cd that is clearly far above her maturity level. What's wrong with letting your kids listen to the likes of Raffi and the Wiggles? Parents are supposed to guide their children and help them grow and learn at a pace that is suitable to their age. The point is to let them build up skills and knowledge so that when they are at an age to (hopefully not) listen to the likes of Ms. Spears or others like her, they'll have an understanding of what it is they're listening to (and hopefully be offended and disturbed enough to stop listening).

Kids need the chance to be kids. There's plenty of time to be an adult and all the complicated mess that comes with it. For all of those parents out there that this applies to, please just let your kids be innocent and naive and sweet. It's over way too fast as it is.

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