Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not a rant, just a crazy idea....

I'm going to try watching less t.v. and using the internet less for 2 weeks.  You know, before I turn into a fluffy, white, beer drinking cat.  No, I'm not turning hippy or becoming one of those pretentious twats who snottily declares 'We don't watch television in our house'  (what, are you Amish?).  

Lately, I've noticed that my creative output and even my desire for creative output has dwindled almost into non existence.  That's just sad, because as my good friend A will attest - I am an 'accomplished artist'.  (Inside joke - maybe I'll tell you over a beer sometime).

Anyway, I'm thinking I'll start small and try for 2 weeks.  That surely won't kill me - or cause me to kill my husband.  My game plan is to limit my t.v. to no more than an hour a day - which probably still sounds like excessive watching to some but seriously - the usual 3 hour Sunday cartoon night will be painful to give up (yes, I'm an adult and I watch cartoons - shut up.)

In addition, I'm going to limit my internet use to no more than an hour a day (barring what I need to use it for at work - I'm just talking about home use).  I've been sucked into following ridiculousness on Twitter (no, I will not give you a link - resist!) recently and that definitely has to stop.  What a time suck invention that is!  Instead I'll be sticking to the handful of blogs I read regularly and things like (it's like having a never ending inspiration wall!).

Since I've basically stolen the spare/guest room from the Boy, I figure I should probably put it to good use and have something to show for it (Look, honey!  Art!  You know, for our walls....)  I'd also like to feel like I'm being productive because honestly, lately I feel like all I've been doing is waiting.  Waiting for what is another story....oooh, maybe I should use some of my precious internet time for updating my blog!  What a concept.  

So I'm putting this out there so that I'll feel some sense of responsibility to actually go through with it.  And, I'll also try to post proof of what I've been doing with all this extra 'unplugged' time.  Stay tuned, avid reader!  Surprises could be just around the corner.....

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Anon Y. Mouse said...

You're a very accomplished artist, so I'm really looking forward to what you are inspired to create during these two weeks!