Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 As you know from my last post (lo, those many moons ago) I was gearing up for yet another poke at my lady bits.  That happened near the end of July and all went well.  I woke up from the anaesthetic (which is always a relief) and was fully recovered a day or so later.  I had a follow up appointment with the doc recently and I was given the all clear, meaning nothing untoward going on 'down there' and that the polyps that were removed and sent for testing were cancer-free.

So!  My freshly spackled and smoothed uterus is all ready for a new tenant.  No takers yet but the rent is reasonable and I'm sure I'll find someone willing to sign a nine month lease any time now.  Failing that, I'll be jumping aboard the IUI train.  Tickets aren't cheap and there are no guarantees I'll make it to my destination but I may as well try it before I decide to fly the friendly skies on IVF Air.*

The bigger reason for a portion of my bloggy absence is the trip I took to Australia.  It was kind of a last minute decision and it happened thanks to the incredible generosity of my sister.  (*waves* Thanks, sis!) She's been on my case to come out for a visit, and since it was my Mum's 70th birthday this year, and since I have two adorable nieces there, and since I also have other lovely family members there, I decided to give in to her pleading and grace them all with my presence.

In truth, I only went for the Devonshire Tea at Miss Marple's.
It had been almost two years since my last visit, when I went out for the birth of my first niece, Miss A.  Kids have a funny way of growing up over time, so I figured I should stop in for a progress report.  I'd post a picture so you could see how adorable she is, but I'm not really keen on displaying pictures of children that aren't mine on blogs with open access.  You'll just have to take my word for it - she's cute as a button (even her almost-two 'tude is cute).

Since my last visit my other niece was born and she and her mum went through the joy that is immigrating to Australia.  They were successful (yay!) and my brother is a much happier man having his girls with him.  Miss E is only a few months younger than Miss A and the two of them together is cute overload.  At present Miss E is still speaking Chinese (yes, I know!  It's either Mandarin or Cantonese.  I don't know which because I don't speak it!).  Tiny children speaking foreign languages?  Adorable.  Also adorable is the serious look Miss E gets on her face that is all my brother.

My sister and I decided to surprise Mum with my visit so everyone was sworn to secrecy.  There were a few moments where the cat was almost set loose from the bag, but it all came good in the end.  I hid behind a newspaper at the McDonald's my Mum frequents for her coffee (one of the rare places a person can get a drip coffee in Australia.  Seriously need to open a Timmie's in Melbourne!).  When she and my sister sat down at the table next to me, I lowered the paper and casually asked if they'd like to join me.  I had to ask twice because Mum didn't recognize me at first (probably because my face is a little, um, rounder these days) but once it twigged there was hugging and tears.  As a bonus, they were already planning on going to a craft and quilt fair that morning, so I got to hang out with my sister, surprise my Mum and go look at fabrics and quilts.  Nice.

The rest of my time was spent going to Gymbaroo, numerous parks, ordering vast quantities of babycinos and decaf soy lattes, playing games with my youngest brother, building block towers, washing dishes, and general basking in the happiness of being amidst my family.  It came to an end sooner than I would have liked, as it always does.  I really think airports need to pump nitrous oxide into the departure lounges - saying goodbye is too damn sad.

Before I spiral into tears thinking about that, I'd like to advise all of you, lovely readers, that I have a new system in place that will hopefully ensure my posts are a more regular event.  Now, you may be thinking 'Pffft.  Heard that one before.' but 'tis true!  Thanks to the efforts of Jess over at Epheriell (lovely gal who makes lovely things - check it out) who complied a collection of links for lists/organizational freebies, I now have a system for jotting down ideas and planning out posts.  Of course I could have been using a pad of paper, or post it notes, all this time but these are PRETTY.  Pretty shiny things make it easier for me to focus.

So, come back soon, or better yet, follow me or add me to your reader feed.  There will be new things!  Funny things!  Ranty things!  Odd, you-think-I-might-be-on-something things!  For reals.

*It's a lot more fun to talk about my struggles to procreate if I describe them in terms of property rentals and modes of transportation.  Got any ideas for funny/strange euphemisms I can use to talk about my lady parts?  The best suggestion might get a prize!

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