Saturday, December 6, 2008

Exercising my right to bitch.

I'm about to complete the 6th week of a fitness bootcamp that my friend talked me into joining with her. So far, it's been great, and the time has flown by, much to my surprise. There is one thing that has been bugging me though - or should I say, two things?

Collectively, they are known as 'The A Team' and I'm not talking about that delightfully crappy 80's show. No, this A Team is made up of a couple of girls in their late teens and truthfully, they are as annoying as any gum-snapping, hair twirling, 'whatever'-ing stereotype you can imagine.

They show up to bootcamp only to giggle, gossip and laze their way through the entire workout. I don't understand why they are there. If all they're going to do is chat and go for a leisurely stroll, while the rest of us sweat and exert actual effort, why don't they just do that on their own time, FOR FREE? It would save them money, and it would save the rest of us from having to listen to the crap that flows freely from their mouths.

In fairness, they aren't always lazy. At least two or three times a class they miraculously have a burst of energy and are able to break into a run, or bust out a few more reps of any given excersize. In an amazing coincidence, these sudden demonstrations of their fitness levels occur precisely as an instructor is approaching or looking their way. It makes me want to bop them over the head with a rolled up yoga mat.

Unfortunately, because they are tiny waisted teenage girls (seriously, WHY are you at bootcamp?) at least one male instructor has a nasty habit of flirting and pandering to these two. This irritates me because a) the rest of us who want to workout may need some instruction as to what to do with the 10 pound weight we're holding precariously over our heads and b) I am not paying him to work on his 'game' with girls!

Near the end of Friday night's power walk, I overheard the A Team discussing their exercise plans for after bootcamp has come to an end. They were talking to the aforementioned instructor, and I'm sure this piece of information was shared to titilate him, and telling him that part of their plans include pole dancing. Now, I understand that this is now an legitimate form of exercise and quite popular, but when I heard that all I could think was 'for money?' A tad harsh, perhaps, but after 6 weeks of witnessing them do not much, and listening to their inane conversations about guys who think they are hot, I'm not pulling any more punches.

Here's hoping that when my friend and I show up for orientation again in January, the A Team will be somewhere else. Like perhaps getting to know their new workmate - Shiny Metal Pole.

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Anonymous said...

You think you're harsh? I hope they die, perhaps a tragic accident on slippy pole...