Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rant to Self

I'm not exactly thrilled with the current state of my figure. It's taking on a roundness that bothers me. And a lot of my clothes aren't fitting me anymore. Of course I take some of the blame for this but mostly I blame carbs and that bitch, Miss Vickie.

A while back I participated in a couple of fitness boot camps and results were seen. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds I wasn't able to continue. I could have just continued on my own, having learned the basics but it's just not as easy if you don't have somebody yelling at you.

This truly stupid thing is that the part I really enjoyed - the running - doesn't really require a trainer, or special equipment beyond the shoes and sports bra I already have, and so I could be doing it for free at any time. I could have been running all this time and not be in the state I'm in now. That part I blame on procrastination.

So, I decided that I need to remedy my situation. I still remember all the tips on pacing that the trainers at the boot camp gave us, and I've downloaded some free podcasts (found here, if you're interested) designed specifically for starting from scratch. There are 9 weeks of running podcasts on my ipod just waiting to be played. I figure if I use those to train my brain, at the end of it I'll be in a good position to roughly measure my distance travelled by time and then I can make myself some motivating playlists to keep me interested.

I doubt that I'll blog about this particular pursuit with any great regularity, but I promise I will give periodic updates as to how I'm going. Or if it all comes to a crashing halt. I have good feelings about this though, because I already know that I enjoy the solitary freedom of running and of being lost in my own thoughts. Plus, I have the short term goal of being in better shape by the end of November for my trip to Australia. The long term goal is to drop weight and improve my fitness levels - two things which can only help in the pursuit of pregnancy as well.

Who knows? Maybe next year will be the year I finally sign up for the TC 10K. Wish me luck!

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ChilkootChubby said...

I'm not quite up to the running, but if you ever want to do a power walking session, you know where to find me.

I might be run/walking (emphasis on the 'walking') the half marathon in October, interested? If not, you know I'm up for the 10K.